How To Buy ESX Tokens


If you have followed the previous videos and completed the necessary steps in creating your account completing verification and setting up your wallet, you’re now ready to buy ESX Tokens. 

How To Buy ESX Tokens – How-To Guide

  1. Let’s begin by heading over to and signing in
  2. Tap Buy Tokens Now to begin
  3. Select your preferred payment currency (for this example we’ll be using BNB) you can choose fiat currency here if you like
  4. Once selected neutered the amount you’d like to spend below
  5. Tap the make payment button
  6. Tap via now payments to select your payment method
  7. Agree to the terms of sale and then tap buy token now to continue
  8. Select the wallet that corresponds with the wallet address you provided when signing up (in this case we’re using Metamask)
  9. Leaving your browser open in the background open your wallet app to connect the transaction to your wallet
  10. Tap connect.
  11. Once you see the success message head on back to your browser back in the token sales site.
  12. Tap pay to confirm payment
  13. Then go back to your wallet app once more to confirm the transaction.
  14. Once confirmed you can go back to the token sales site to view a list of your transactions and you’re done.


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