EstateX Update – Roadmap


Hello EstateX family,

We’ve been making some great progress getting everything in place for the next presale round and beyond. 

Our team is working round the clock adding value to the project and bringing us one step closer to launch.  The EstateX engine never stops running and continues to organically evolve, and we’re always so excited to share with you updates in the plans, team, milestones and more.

As we continue to move forwards with the project, we’ve updated our roadmap. Check it out below, we’ve added some more detail and to give you better clarity of both our progressions and onward.

2020 Q2 

Conception – Initiation of concept, developed demo and tested assumptions

2020 Q4

Research and Consultancy – Obtain a Real Estate profile, key partnerships, advisors and consultancy

2021 Q2

Preparations ESX Sale – Finishing ESX concept, integrating in ecosystem and prepare for sale

2021 Q4 

Finalizing plans of concept – Finishing ecosystem, finalizing papers, creating $ESX sale marketing strategies

2022 Q1 

$ESX Public Token Sale – Start of the Public community token sale which will last until Q3 2022

2022 Q2 

Add strategic team members – Add experienced strategic team members for licensing 

Finish Token Development + Certik report – Token is fully developed, smart contracts implemented, token address released and a Certik Report has been issued

2022 Q3

$ESX Private Token Sale – Private tokensale for private institutions and VC’s

Launch early stage Beta – $ESX presale users have access to early stage investment platform Beta, start experiencing investing into real estate

Applying for licenses – Start applying for licenses at the financial supervisor under EEA rules, could take up to 6 months

Implementing Staking Pools – Staking $ESX available to earn passive income

$ESX Exchange Listing – $ESX Listing at the first big exchange 

Launch NFT Season One Skyscraper collection – Launch on OpenSea and international platforms of our newest NFT Collection

2022 Q4

Start B2B TaaS and Finish TaaS platform – Full TaaS (Tokenization-as-a-Service) package completed, platform developed and start B2B tokenizing

Release Education Program – $ESX holders have access to Education Program, including courses, groups & coaching

Implementing use cases of $ESX – Implementing first possible use cases of $ESX described as in the whitepaper

International Marketing Campaign – Start of our international marketing campaign

2023 Q1 

Licenses issued – EstateX is now a fully regulated and licensed investment platform 

Launch EstateX Platform – Launch of the official EstateX Platform, licenses are issued and you can start investing into fractionalized real estate

Instant Loan feature – Instant loans are available for every investor within the EstateX ecosystem, you can now loan up to 75% with your PROPX tokens as collateral

The EstateX App – Finishing of the app development and launch of the EstateX app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

2023 Q2

Scaling to European Countries – Scaling our investment options to major European Countries to obtain leadership in the European market

EstateX Pay launch – EstateX Pay release to get liquidity on your real estate investments

EstateX Payment Cards – EstateX Payment cards released to spend your real estate investments on everyday goods & services

Additional $ESX Exchange Listing – Additional Exchange Listings

2023 Q3

Integrate more real estate portfolios – Further integrate European Real Estate portfolios into the EstateX platform

2023 Q4

Scaling International Marketing Campaign – Further advertisement for the EstateX solutions

2024 Q1

Offer multiple categories of real estate – Commercial, Industrial, Sustainable etc.

2024 Q3

Offer multiple categories of investment opportunities – Further development of the EstateX brand, and offer multiple categories of investment opportunities like real estate, green energy, solar panels etc

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