EstateX Update – Certik Audit


Hello EstateX Family,

We’re very excited to update you as we hit another huge milestone in the development of EstateX! 

Having completed development of the $ESX Token, we’ve been working on getting the contract audited.

With EstateX being an A+ project, it was essential for us to have the token audited by Certik, the best in the business. This will help give our investors both confidence and peace of mind.

The EstateX and Certik dev teams have been working together intensively over the past weeks, and we now have the full audit results and report. 

The Certik report came back clean and impressively confirms there are zero issues with the $ESX Token! 

During the audit, two potential centralization issues were identified. However you will be pleased to know that both issues have been handled and mitigated to Certik’s approval. 

We’d like to give you some further insight into the potential issues raised and how they have been mitigated. 👇👇👇👇

The first potential issue is about the token storage. At the time of the preliminary report, all tokens are stored in a single wallet. Working with Certik we have put in place sufficient safeguards to ensure the safety of the tokens.

To mitigate any risk to our investors and tokenholders, and to ensure all tokens are stored safe for everyone (us and you), we will be using Gnosis safe as our multi-signature wallet (digital safe). This requires multiple persons to sign the transaction as well as a time lock for all outgoing transactions. Certik approves of this, confirming the potential issue to be mitigated.

Gnosis safe is one of the biggest multi signature wallets active in the space at the moment. Gnosis safe is trusted by project like; Consensys, AAVE, Kyber network, 1Inch and Sushi Swap to name a few. Over 100 Billion in USD value in digital assets have been stored in their safe.

The second potential issue is about the token distribution.

As we are currently writing the smart contract for token distribution, Certik requested clarity on the distribution plans. We shared the requested information and received their full approval. Whilst the issue is currently mitigated, once we’ve completed the token distribution, this will change to fully resolved.

In summary, Certik highlighted 2 potential centralization issues. One has been mitigated to Certik’s approval, and the other is currently mitigated and will be resolved once token distribution has been completed. The report is clean and impressive and shows the hard work, dedication and capability of the tech team!

Here’s the link to the audit report for you to check out yourselves! Let us know what you think about this HUGE update!👇👇👇👇👇


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